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Stroke “causes” change in sexuality?

December 23, 2011


Dateline: 9 November 2011 // Posted by: Ciaran Murray Source: Daily Mail, The Sun, Huffington Post Story: “Burly rugby player has a stroke after freak gym accident…wakes up gay and becomes a hairdresser” Summary: When a 19-year-old rugby player had a stroke after a freak training accident he awoke from his coma with an extraordinary claim. He claimed […]

“Super” broccoli for cancer?

December 23, 2011


Dateline: 4 October 2011 // Posted by: Roisin Moore Source: The Sun, Fox News Story: “Super broccoli to fight the big C” Summary: Super broccoli, or Beneforte as it is marketed, is the latest in the super-foods domain that claim special properties which can cure cancer. The product which we are told in the article went on sale in […]

Evidence? In your dreams…

December 19, 2011


Dateline: 11 November 2011 // Posted by: Joanne O’Sullivan Source: The Sun Story: “Why girls have more nightmares” Summary: According to columnist Dr Pam Spurr, women have “wilder” dreams than their male counterparts and suffer more nightmares than men. This is supposedly due to particular female hormones which during the menstrual cycle cause body temperature changes which […]

Unsubtle media pseudoscience

September 5, 2011


Sometimes the media’s coverage of pseudoscience relates to extravagantly unscientific subject matter. It is often difficult to know if such media are genuinely covering the story as if it were true, or whether they are presenting the material essentially for entertainment purposes. Coverage of UFO visitations is a case in point. Does The Sun really believe […]