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A pill for grey hair?

January 10, 2012


Dateline: 3 October 2011 // Posted by: xoxo Gossip Girl Source: Daily Mail Story: “Once-a-day pill means you will never have to go grey” Summary: Scientists with beauty giant L’Oreal believe that a pill containing extracts from an unnamed fruit could prevent the onset of grey hair. They intend to design a pill containing this plant extracts which […]

Does oral contraception make you choose “Dads” over “cads”?

December 22, 2011


Dateline: 12 October 2011 // Posted by: Barbie Source: Daily Mail Story: “Does the pill make you choose a boring lover? Scientists find women who take the contraceptive pick caring and reliable men” Summary: The article reports that scientists have found that women who take the contraceptive pills “ tend to choose reliable, caring and stead chaps […]

Lest we forget…a pill that deletes bad memories?

October 21, 2011


Dateline: 4 October 2011 // Posted by: Miriam Ondarre Source: Daily Mail Story: “Pill that can wipe away bad memories?” Summary: Scientists have discovered a protein within the mice brains that might be essential in the memory storing process. This protein responsible for the amount of memories we store in our brains is called lipocalin-2. Apparently, […]