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Can a ghost be a ‘wine snob’?

January 10, 2012


Dateline: 31 October 2011 // Posted by: M.Crisman Source: The Drinks Business Story: “‘Wine Snob’ Ghost Haunts Pub” Summary: Every year on Halloween, the Court Oak pub, located in Harborne, Birmingham, has reported paranormal activity within their pub. This Halloween was no different from past years. According to the staff at Court Oak, the ghost they have named […]

“Super” broccoli for cancer?

December 23, 2011


Dateline: 4 October 2011 // Posted by: Roisin Moore Source: The Sun, Fox News Story: “Super broccoli to fight the big C” Summary: Super broccoli, or Beneforte as it is marketed, is the latest in the super-foods domain that claim special properties which can cure cancer. The product which we are told in the article went on sale in […]

Fizzy rascals

December 22, 2011


Dateline: 24 October 2011 // Posted by: Graham McNamee Source: Science Daily Story: “High Fizzy Soft Drink Consumption Linked to Violence Among Teens” Summary: A study published online in Injury Prevention, a self-described “international peer-reviewed journal for health professionals and others in injury prevention,” found a correlation between amount of fizzy soft drinks (measured in cans of […]