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On dowsing

January 18, 2012


Dateline: 2 November 2011 // Posted by: John Paul Carroll Source: Journal of Commerce Story: “Dowsers continue tradition of locating underground water” Summary: An article was published in the Journal of Commerce (a construction industry newspaper from Western Canada) on claims by dowsers that they can locate underground water. The article gives an explanation of dowsing by firstly defining what dowsing is. […]

Is this an alien skull?

January 17, 2012


Dateline: 19 November 2011 // Posted by: Loren Burke Source: Daily Mail Story: “Is this an alien skull? Mystery of giant-headed mummy found in Peru” Summary: An elongated mummified skull has been found in Peru along with more skeletal remains. It has Spanish and Russian scientists baffled. According to the article, they believe it has come from an […]

A pill for grey hair?

January 10, 2012


Dateline: 3 October 2011 // Posted by: xoxo Gossip Girl Source: Daily Mail Story: “Once-a-day pill means you will never have to go grey” Summary: Scientists with beauty giant L’Oreal believe that a pill containing extracts from an unnamed fruit could prevent the onset of grey hair. They intend to design a pill containing this plant extracts which […]

Hypnosis for Irritable Bowel Syndrome?

December 23, 2011


Dateline: 1 November 2011 // Posted by: Hannah Pearsall Source: Reuters, Press TV, ONLINE – International News Network Story: “Hypnosis, even in ‘real world,’ may help IBS” Summary: For those with particularly difficult cases of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), standard medical treatment tends not to alleviate discomfort. Studies since the 1980s have documented that with these difficult […]

Yet another vaccination scare

December 22, 2011


Dateline: 15 November 2011 // Posted by: Julie Source: The Daily Mail, and others. Story: “Girl, 13, left in ‘waking coma’ and sleeps for 23 hours a day after severe reaction to cervical cancer jabs” Summary: After receiving a vaccination that would help protect Lucy Hinks from cervical cancer, her parents believe that it is was the cause […]

The Kraken sleeps on…

December 19, 2011


Dateline: 10 October 2011 // Posted by: Chelsea Gruenwald Source: Science News, LiveScience, The Huffington Post, Daily Mail, Geological Society of America, National Geographic, Wired Story: “Giant ‘Kraken’ Lair Discovered: Cunning Sea Monster That Preyed on Ichthyosaurs” Summary: A group of mysteriously arranged fossils in Berlin-Ichthyosaur State Park, Nevada has baffled paleontologists for nearly a century. Why these […]

Do phones make you sick?

December 19, 2011


Dateline: 9 September 2011 // Posted by: Aine Connaire Source: Daily Mail Story: “Mobile Phones could be ‘health time bomb’: More than 200 academic studies link use with serious illnesses” Summary: The article describes a recently published report which alleges that the British Government is underplaying the potentially huge health risks posed by mobile phones, especially to […]

Driving home the point

December 16, 2011


Dateline: 5 September 2011 // Posted by: NicHeller12 Source: National Public Radio Story: “Why The Trip Home Seems To Go By Faster” Summary: Psychologist Niels van de Ven reports on a study of his which concerns people’s common perception that returning home from a destination always seems to take a shorter time than the original trip […]

Can hypnosis help IBS patients?

November 28, 2011


Dateline: 1 November 2011 // Posted by: KHeintz27 Source: Reuters, PressTV, The Daily Express. Story: “Hypnosis, even in ‘real world,’ may help IBS” Summary: The main point of this article was to explain that hypnosis might be able to help lower some symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome.  There have been a number of studies since the […]

“Spontaneous human combustion” in Ireland?

September 28, 2011


Dateline: 23 September 2011 // Posted by: Brian Hughes Source: Galway City Tribune, Irish Times, The Guardian, NY Daily News, and many more. Story: “Galway Pensioner Dies From Spontaneous Combusion” Summary: A public inquiry into the death of a 76-year-old man in Galway, Ireland, late last year concluded that he was a victim of a […]